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Lists Page and Properly Managing Lists
Lists Page and Properly Managing Lists

Understanding Lists, Lists Page and List Management in your REISift Account

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In this article we discuss how to locate and create new lists and the method for naming lists.

Lists can be created from the lists page, on upload, by adding lists from the Records page, or within an individual Record.

The Lists page, located on the left sidebar of your account shows a breakdown of each list. You can create list folders to help organize your lists, create new lists, edit, or delete lists from this page.

Creating Lists on the Lists Page

On the list page, you have two options for creating a new list: within the default folder or by creating a new folder.

Creating Lists in the default folder

To create a new list within the default folder, open the default folder and click on the Create List button. Give your list a descriptive name that reflects its purpose or qualifying criteria. Remember to keep your lists high level and well-organized for optimal efficiency.

Lists are fully customizable. You can create any list you like, however we recommend organizing lists by qualifying data, vexation or pain point, or by property type.

Work with vacant land, commercial properties, or multi-family? Create separate lists for these property types so you can easily include or exclude them when creating marketing campaigns.

Examples include:

Qualifying Data

Vexation or Pain Points

Property Type

High Equity

Code Violations


Free & Clear

Tax Delinquent

Vacant Land

Expired Listings



There is no need to separate lists by zip code, city, or county because you can filter by this information

Creating a New Folder and List

If you prefer a more structured approach, you can create a new folder by clicking on the Create Folder button. Provide a name for the folder that best represents the type of data, such as equity or vexation/pain points.

Once the folder is created, click on it and then click the Create List button to add a new list within the folder.

Creating Lists on Upload

New lists can also be created on upload when selecting Add data -> Creating a new list not in REISift yet. The new list will be added to the default folder in your account once the upload processes.

Need more help with uploading data? Check out our Uploading Data section.

Stacked Records

Stacked records are properties that are located on two or more lists. We automatically stack records for you when you associate the same property with multiple lists.

Keeping lists high level gives you have more insight into how motivated an owner may be to sell. If a property is located on multiple lists, the owner is probably facing a few pain points and will be more motivated to sell the property.

Congratulations! You've learned how to create and organize lists in your REISIFT account. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

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