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How to Find Stacked Property Records
How to Find Stacked Property Records

Understanding and Locating Stacked Property Records

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What are Stacked Records?

A stacked record means the property record is located on more than one list.

When you purchase data you are probably pulling from different sources (ex. Propstream, Listsource, county data, etc) and the data will have different motivations and different intent.

When you are creating your lists in REISift, you’ll want to name and organize the lists based on qualifying data or by vexation. Some examples of qualifying data are high equity, or free and clear. Vexation is the pain point, for example, code violations, tax delinquent, or pre-foreclosures.

As long as you are properly organizing and managing your data, list stacking will give you insight on how motivated the owner is to sell. An owner with a property located on a code violations and a tax delinquent list will probably be more willing to sell versus a property located on only a high equity list.

When you upload data, we will automatically stack the record if it appears on a new list you are uploading.

Locating Stacked Records

You can locate stacked records by filtering. To filter, click Filter Records towards the top right of the Records page.

Here you can filter using the List Stacking filter or the Stacked filter preset.

List Stacking Filter

The List Stacking filter allows you to filter by a minimum and maximum amount of lists. It can be used to locate stacked property records, records located on one list, or no lists in your account.

To see any stacked property records, select the List Stacking filter block and enter in a minimum of 2. Click Apply filters to see the results.

This filter can be combined with any of our other filter options by selecting Add new filter block.

Stacked Filter Preset

All accounts come pre-loaded with REISift Base Presets.

The REISift Base presets are:

  • Stacked

  • Vacant

  • Ouchies

  • Equity

These filter presets can be used to help create your marketing campaigns.

To filter by the Stacked preset, select Filter Presets towards the bottom of the Filter Records section. Next click REISift Base Presets -> Stacked.

The Stacked filter preset will exclude any of the REISift default Property Statuses. If you created custom statuses, be sure to also select Do not include and exclude them here. By excluding all Property Statuses, it should exclude anyone you may have already reached in a previous marketing campaign.

It also includes List Stacking with a minimum of 2 and Vacant Property -> No. Vacant properties are excluded from this preset because we have a separate preset to filter for Vacant.

If you want to see who needs to be skip traced you can select Numbers -> No and Skip traced -> No

Ready to start marketing? Select Numbers -> Yes and Apply Filters.

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