Clean vs. Incomplete Data

Incomplete Data: What it is and how to clean it

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In this article, we explain what incomplete data is and how to clean incomplete records.

What is Incomplete Data?

Records that are missing the owner first or last name, mailing address or property address will be considered incomplete. Including punctuation or special characters like the & symbol in the first or last name will also cause records to be incomplete.

LLCs and Trusts will also be considered incomplete until you fill in the owner first and last name.

Try to clean data within your csv file as much as possible before uploading. If you are unable to clean completely, don't stress! A few incomplete records, especially among a file of one thousand or more records is okay. You can still upload this list to REISift and begin marketing to your clean records.

Incomplete records are located under the Incomplete tab on your Records page.

How to Clean Incomplete Records

Start by building a process for yourself or your VA to go through one by one to clean the incomplete data and fill in the missing information.

The best way to clean data is by searching the property address in the county records. After searching the address with the county, start filling in the missing information (name, property address, mailing address, etc.)

You can find owner names for LLCs by checking the state's Secretary of State website,, or corporation wiki. Still having trouble? Pull the deed and see who signed as the managing member.

Cleaning Manually within REISift

Records can be cleaned manually within REISift by clicking the pencil icon on the Property Details page or Owner Details page.

To edit the Property Address, open the record and click the pencil icon next to the address

Next, fill in the missing property address information and Save Changes.

Missing owner names or mailing addresses can be filled in from the Owner Details page. Click the owner name to open the Owner Details page, and click the pencil icon to edit.

Fill in the missing names and/or mailing address and click Save Changes.

Cleaning Owner Names and/or Mailing addresses in Bulk

Missing owner names and/or mailing addresses can be cleaned in bulk by exporting the records, cleaning them within the csv, then uploading selecting Add Data -> Swap owner of an existing property.

This option replaces the owner information on the database with the owner information in the csv you are uploading.

If you are replacing the mailing address, existing phone numbers may be removed because it is seen as a new owner who would have new contact information.

For more information on the Swap Owners upload option, please see Explaining the Swap Owners Upload Option

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