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Why are there "Not Uploaded" Records
Why are there "Not Uploaded" Records

What causes Not Uploaded records and how to fix

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A breakdown of each upload can be viewed from the Activity -> Upload section of your REISift account. From the breakdown we show the amount of:

  • Total Records

  • New Records

  • Updated Records

  • Duplicates Ignored

  • Not Uploaded Records

Not Uploaded records can be caused by:

  1. Including blank rows in the csv

  2. Reaching the upload limit when adding data on upload

  3. Including new addresses when updating data

Check out the topics below for more information and how to fix.

Blank Rows in the CSV

When the upload is processing, we attempt to process and upload each row of the csv. Any blank rows in the csv will be considered "Not Uploaded". To prevent Not Uploaded records in the future, filter for blank rows in the csv and delete before uploading.

Not Uploaded Records when Adding Data

Not uploaded records when selecting the Add data option on upload is typically caused by reaching the upload limit.

With our Professional and Business plans, you have the option to purchase additional monthly upload space. It's $5 per additional 10k new records. You'll see the option to purchase additional space on the last step of upload when uploading a file that exceeds your monthly limit.

When purchasing space, be sure to click the Increase this month's limit button. This button is what initiates the charge, and adds the space to your account.

Clicking only Finish Upload will upload any records up to your monthly limit, but will not increase the space.

If you have already uploaded the records and forgot to add additional space, simply reupload the file and purchase more space. Once the upload processes, we'll add any new records up to your new monthly limit.

Please see Upload Limits & How to Purchase Additional Space for more help on purchasing additional upload space.

Not Uploaded Records when Updating Data

Update data will update existing records but does not add new records. Not Uploaded records when selecting Update data is typically due to the property or mailing address not existing in REISift.

Updating by Property Address

If you are seeing Not Uploaded records when selecting to update property data or update contact info using property address, it means there is no matching property address in your REISift account.

To upload these records, select Add data and Add to a new or existing list. Add data will add any new property records to your account.

Updating by Mailing Address

When selecting to update contact info using the mailing address, we are looking for the mailing address to match in your REISift account.

Some skip tracing providers return new or updated mailing addresses in the results. If there are new mailing addresses in the csv, you can reupload using Add data -> Swap owners of existing property to add the new mailing addresses to the properties.

Please see Explaining the Swap Owners Upload Option for more information on the Swap Owners upload option.

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