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Activity Page Overview
Activity Page Overview

Overview of the Activity Page in your REISift Account

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In this article we discuss the Activity page within your REISift account.

You can track the progress of almost any action in your REISift account from the Activity page. To access the Activity page, click on Activity located on the left side bar of your REISift account.

Here we track the progress of:

  • Actions

  • Uploads

  • Downloads

  • Skip Tracing

  • Predictive Dialer

  • Direct Mail

Activity Status

Each activity will have one of the following statuses:

  • Enqueued - meaning the activity is in line to be processed

  • Processing - actively processing the action

  • Complete - action is complete

  • Failed - we were not able to process and complete this action


From the Actions tab, we show the progress of almost any action that occurs in your account, for example: adding or removing lists or tags, adding tasks, property status change, deleting records, property and owner vacancy checks.

We display the process, or name of the action, the total number of properties, number of properties processed and the percentage, the date and time, and the status.


On the Uploads tab, we display the file name, the breakdown, type of upload (upload method) the amount of records processed and the percentage, date, and status.

Hover over See Breakdown to access the breakdown of the records uploaded.

Here we display:

  • Total Records - Total number of records or rows in the csv

  • New Records - The amount of NEW records uploaded

  • Updated Records - The amount of existing records that were updated

  • Duplicates Ignored - Duplicate property addresses or records in the csv

  • Not Uploaded - Any records we were unable to upload

Not uploaded records is usually due to reaching your upload limit when adding new records, or including new records when selecting the Update Data option on upload.
For more information on Not Uploaded records, check out the article below:
Why are there "Not Uploaded" Records

Seeing Failed upload status? Uploads will fail due to formatting issues or including the wrong data type in a field, for example, including special characters or letters where we are expecting a number. This article gives a more in depth look at Failed uploads:
Failed Upload Status Explained


You can download the files for any records you selected to export from the Activity -> Downloads section of your account.

From this tab we display the file name (the name you entered when selecting to export the records), total number of records selected, the amount and percentage of records processed, the date and time, status of the download, and a link to download the file.

Once the status of the download shows as Complete, click download next to the status to download the file. Download times are based on the file size and your internet speed. Larger files may take some time to download. Click only once, then give the download some time to complete.

Taking a while to download? Try splitting up the records into smaller exports.

Skip Trace

From the skip trace page, you can track the progress of the records you select to skip trace in REISift. Here we display the number of records processed, the breakdown or results of the skip tracing activity, the cost, any money saved, date and time the records were skip traced, and the status

When skip tracing through REISift, we will only charge for results and we won't skip the same owner multiple times within the same activity. If we are unable to find results, or you select the same owner multiple times, we will refund this amount back to your credits. The amount refunded will be displayed under the saved section.

To view the results of the skip tracing activity, hover over the see breakdown section. In this section we display:

  • Properties - Total number of properties selected to be skip traced

  • Owners - Total number of owners selected to be skip traced

  • Duplicate owners - same owner selected multiple times

  • Phones Only - owners we were able to find only phone numbers for

  • Emails only - owners we were able to find only emails for

  • Both emails and phones - owners we found results for both phone numbers and emails

  • No results - any owners we were not able to find results for

For more information on skip tracing, check out the article below.

Predictive Dialer

You can track the progress of records sent to predictive dialer (Calltools, Readymode, smrtDialer, and Smarter Contact) through our integrations from the Activity -> Predictive Dialer section of your account.

From the Predictive Dialer section we display the following information:

  • Integrations - Name of the integration (Calltools or Readymode

  • Destination ID - Bucket ID or Tag ID for Calltools, Channel ID for Readymode, name of the campaigns for smrtDialer and Smarter Contact

  • Numbers - amount of numbers selected to transfer

  • Processed - amount of numbers and percentage processed

  • Date - Date and time of the transfer

  • Link to Calltools or Readymode

  • Status - Status of the Transfer

  • Tags - Any tags you added when transferring the records

Direct Mail

You can track the progress of Direct Mail that is sent through your REISift account from the Activity -> Direct Mail tab.

In this section we display:

  • Processed - Amount and percentage of mailers processed

  • Breakdown - Total sent for direct mail and total ignored.

  • Cost - Total cost of the Direct Mail order

  • Order Date - Date and time ordered

  • Status - Status of the Order

Looking for how to send Direct Mail? Check out these articles for sending postcards and setting up direct mail campaigns, or sending Ballpoint Letters.
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Sending Ballpoint Letter Templates in REISift

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