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Sending Carrot Leads to REISift with Zapier
Sending Carrot Leads to REISift with Zapier

In this video we show you how to send Carrot leads to REISift with Zapier

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You will need the following tools:

Carrot account
REISift account

If you have not integrated your REISift account with Zapier, check out the Zapier Integration article.

Note: Zapier access is by private invite link located in the article above

Step 1: Set Up Zapier for Carrot to REISift Integration

  1. Open Zapier: Log in to your Zapier account or create one if you don't have it. Ensure you have a paid Zapier plan, as free trials may not support web hooks.

  2. Create a New Zap: Click on "Make a Zap" or "Create a New Zap" to start the integration process.

  3. Name Your Zap: Give your Zap a name, such as "Carrot to REI Sift - Step 1."

  4. Choose a Trigger App: Search for "Webhooks by Zapier" and select it as the trigger app.

  5. Select a Trigger Event: Choose "Catch Hook" as the trigger event.

  6. Copy Webhook URL: Once you've selected "Catch Hook," Zapier will provide you with a custom webhook URL. Copy this URL as you'll need it later.

Step 2: Configure Carrot Integration

  1. Access Your Carrot Account: Log in to your Carrot account.

  2. Find Your Form: Navigate to the form on your Carrot website that collects lead information. In the video, it's referred to as "What do you have to lose? Get started now."

  3. Access Form Settings: Click on "Content," then "Forms," and find the form you want to integrate (e.g., "What do you have to lose? Get started now").

  4. Configure Zapier Integration: Click on "Edit" for the chosen form and hover over "Settings." Select "Zapier" to set up the integration.

  5. Add New Zapier Feed: Click on "Add New" and name it something like "Carrot to REI Sift - Step 1." Ensure it's active.

  6. Paste Webhook URL: Paste the webhook URL you copied from Zapier into the appropriate field.

  7. Save Zapier Feed: Click "Save Zapier Feed" to save your settings.

Step 3: Return to Zapier

  1. Continue in Zapier: Go back to your Zapier setup and click "Continue."

  2. Access REI Sift Account: Log in to your REI Sift account.

  3. Configure REISift Integration: Set up the integration with REISift using the Zapier Integration Private Invite Link, for more information please see the Zapier Integration Article
    Select the latest version of Zapier (will have the Latest flag next to the newest version).

  4. Choose Action Event: Select the trigger event, such as "Create Update Property."

  5. Map Fields: Map the fields from Carrot to REISift as per your requirements. Include property address (street), city, state, zip code, status (set as "Lead"), and assign it to a team member if you choose (enter email). You can also select to send to a new Carrot list and tag as Carrot Step 1. To send with the status New Lead, select Custom Status and type in new_lead.

  6. Test the Trigger: Test the trigger to ensure it's working correctly.

  7. Skip Test: Since this is a test and not an actual lead, you can skip the test.

  8. Turn On Zap: Turn on your Zap to enable the integration.

Step 4: Set Up Step 2 Integration (Optional)

If you have a second step in your Carrot form (e.g., "Step 2"), you can repeat the process to create a second Zap for that step. Follow the same steps but name it "Carrot to REISift - Step 2" and make sure to use the correct webhook URL and field mappings for Step 2.

Step 5: Test the Integration

  1. Go back to your Carrot website and submit a lead through your integrated form.

  2. Check your REISift account to ensure that the lead information is correctly added to your records.

  3. Verify that the integration works as expected by checking if the lead data is correctly mapped to the corresponding fields in REISift.

Note: These records will be located under the Incomplete tab because they do not have owner information (mailing address). Please be sure to select the "Incomplete" tab on the records page when searching for the new Carrot leads.

By following these steps, you can connect your website to REISift using Zapier and automate the process of getting leads from your online marketing efforts into your REISift account.

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