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How To Submit Leads to REISift with Google Forms and Zapier
How To Submit Leads to REISift with Google Forms and Zapier

This video goes over how to integrate Google Forms into you Real Estate Investing Company.

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You will need the following tools:

Google Forms (Free)

REISift account


If you have not integrated your REISift account with Zapier, check out the Zapier Integration article.

Note: Zapier access is by private invite link located in the article above

Creating the Form

Start off on a blank page in Google Chrome. Click on the dots icon on the right side of the page for Google apps and click Forms.

You can create a form by clicking blank under Start a new form.

For this example we are creating a New Lead form with the following questions: First Name, Last Name, Property Address (required), Property State (required), Property Zip (required), Phone Number (required), Email and Notes. The Notes form field answer type is paragraph, all other answers are short answer.

Tip for the Assign to section so you don't have to retype the email each time: Click on the settings gear at the top right corner. Review the settings and confirm they match the options below:

Once you confirm the settings are correct, save and click over to Responses.
Then click View responses in Sheets.

If you see Create Spreadsheet instead of View responses in Sheets, follow the steps below to create a spreadsheet.

Under Select Response Destination, select Create a new spreadsheet and name the response. In this example we are creating a form for New Leads so we have named the response New Leads Responses

Click Create after naming the spreadsheet. This will save the spreadsheet to your Google drive. You can click view in spreadsheet and this will take you directly to the spreadsheet.

Now that your questions and responses are created, click send in the top right corner.

Next click the link icon and you can shorten the URL so it is easier to share.

You can also get a pre-filled link by clicking the 3 dots and prefilled link. This allows you to put your lead manager's email address in the Assign to field so the form will automatically fill in their email address.

Creating a Zap

Now you will need to create the Zap to send this information directly to your REISift account. Go to Zapier and click Create Zap.


After clicking Create Zap, search for Google Forms. Under Trigger Event choose New response in Spreadsheet and click continue.

Next you’ll choose an account. This will be Google Forms and your email address.

After choosing the account you’ll set up the trigger. Choose the spreadsheet, which will be the name of your Google form, and the worksheet, which will be the name of your response spreadsheet.

Click continue then test the trigger.

Note: If you have not submitted any responses in Google web form, Zapier will not return any results.


Under action you’ll search for REISift and choose the most recent version (the version with the highest number). For Action Event, select Create/Update Property.

Next you’ll choose your REISift account and click continue. If you do not see your account here, that means you have not integrated with Zapier. Please see Zapier Integration to learn how to integrate.

Complete the following items in Set up action:

Property’s Lists (in this video we use Referral)

Property’s Street

Property’s City

Property’s State

Postal Code

Property Status

Owner First Name

Owner Last Name

Phone 1

Email 1

Optional: You can also complete the assign to section if you’re wanting to assign to another user in your REISift account.

Once complete, click continue then test & continue.

You can verify it is sent to REISift by going back to your REISift account and searching the address in your records. Be sure to toggle to incomplete or all records. This record will come through as incomplete data since you do not have the owner's mailing address.

Click Turn on Zap to complete.

Note: It can take a few minutes for this process to update. If your Zap does not work or there is something that seems off, go to Zapier under Zaps and click the “i” icon to view zap details.

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