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How to Create Tasks
How to Create Tasks

Discussing How to Create Tasks, Recurring Tasks and the Round Robin option

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Tasks can be created from the Records page, from within an individual records, or from the Tasks page.

Tasks created from the Records page will be assigned to the records you select. When creating tasks from an individual record, this task will be created and applied only to this record.

Tasks that are created from the Tasks page are not assigned to any specific record. This feature is perfect for adding your Team meetings in REISift.

Creating Tasks from the Records page

Start by filtering and selecting the records you want to create a task for, then go to Manage -> Add task

Assign To

When creating tasks you can assign by Role or by User. Users Round Robin allows you to select specific users to round robin assign tasks to.

Please Note: Acquisitions, Dispositions, Researchers and Prospectors can only see records that are assigned to them. When assigning tasks to these team members, be sure to also assign the property records to them. If the tasks are assigned but the property record is not, they will not be able to access the record to complete the task. Please see Assigning Records to a User for more information on assigning records.

Lead Managers will be able to access records that are assigned to themselves and any other user in your account. They cannot access records that have no assignee.

For more on user roles please see: Adding Users to your REISift Account

Round Robin

The Round Robin option will equally distribute the tasks by role. If you assign to Everybody and select Round Robin, it will evenly distribute tasks to all active users within your account. If you assign by a specific role and select Round Robin, the tasks will be evenly distributed to all users with this role.

To select specific users to round robin to, select the Users Round-Robin option, and select the team members you want to assign to.


When providing a deadline you can select All day task and the task will be due by the end of the day. If you have a time sensitve task, uncheck all day and enter the time the task is due.


You can utilize the notes section within a task to include any relevant information for how to complete the task. Any links you submit in the notes will be clickable so you can include a loom video for how to complete or links to any of your SOP's.

Creating tasks from the Property Details Page

To create tasks from the Property Details page (within an individual record) Click Add New Task on the right side of the page. Then follow the steps above. Tasks added within an individual record will only be added/assigned to that record.

Creating Tasks from the Tasks page

When you create tasks from the task page they are not assigned to any specific property address. This option is perfect for you Team Meetings. To create a task from the Tasks Page, click Create New Task located towards the top right.

Recurring Tasks

From the Tasks page, you have the option to create recurring tasks. To create a recurring task, toggle to right to Repeat Task and select the Frequency. You can create daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring tasks. If you want the tasks to repeat until a certain date, select a date in the Repeat Until section. This will be the ending date and tasks will no longer repeat after the date you select.

Viewing Your Assigned Tasks

You can view your assigned tasks from the dashboard, from the tasks page, or from clicking on the calendar icon at the top right of your account. The calendar icon is accessible from each page within REISift.

To view your assigned tasks from the Tasks page, select the Assigned to me tab.

Tasks located under the Assigned by me tab will include any tasks you have assigned.

The Manger View will show all tasks, here you can also filter tasks by user or by role

You can view, edit and delete recurring tasks from the Recurring Tasks tab.

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