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Skip Tracing Records in REISift
Skip Tracing Records in REISift

How to Skip Trace your records

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For best results we recommend skip tracing only clean records, with owner first and last name, full mailing address, and full property address. For more information on clean and incomplete records, check out Clean vs. Incomplete Data.

We can now provide up to 15 phone numbers per match. Note: not all matches will have 15 phone numbers.

If an owner owns multiple properties in your account NO PROBLEM; we will not skip that owner multiple times. Even if you do not select those records we will populate the results on all properties they own.

You will only be charged for matches. We will estimate and assume 100% match rate. If we are unable to find a match, the amount will be refunded back to your credits.

We will use the mailing address for skip tracing unless it does not exist (again we recommend only clean data for best results), if mailing does not exist we will use the property. If the mailing address is a PO BOX we will use property address.

If you already have numbers for a record and you skip it, and there is space, we will append numbers into that record. You will still be charged for those matches.

Skip tracing prices vary per plan:

  • Essentials - $0.17

  • Professional - $0.15

  • Business - $0.12

Purchasing Credits

Before skip tracing you’ll need to purchase credits. The credits you purchase can be used for both skip tracing and sending direct mail within REISift.

To add credits, select Buy Credits towards the top of your REISift account. Enter in your payment information, select the amount of credits you want to purchase, and click Buy Credits to purchase.

Send to Skip Tracing

From the Records page, select the records you want to skip trace.

Want to skip trace records that have never been skip traced and don’t have numbers? Select Filter Records located towards the top right of the Records page. Add the Params & Others filter block and and select Numbers -> No and Skiptraced -> No.

Once the records are selected, click Send to -> Skip Trace.

Agree to to the skip tracing terms.

Next, tag the records with when and where they were skip traced. Adding tags helps you track skip tracing results and allows you to filter for the records by tag.

Recommended tags: REISift Skipped, Skip Traced REISift MM/YYYY, Skip Traced MM/YYYY

Select Skip Trace records to start skip tracing.

You can track the progress from the Activity -> Skip Trace section of your account.

Hover over See Breakdown to view a breakdown of the results.

If we do not find results, the amount will be refunded back to your credits. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.

Filtering for Skip Traced Records

To locate the records you just skip traced, you can filter by the tags you added and/or the last skip traced date.

Viewing Newly Added Numbers

After skip tracing within REISift, you can view the newly added numbers by opening up the record. The Activity Log will show the new phone numbers found when skip tracing.

Skip Trace Status Colors

Yellow means the record has been skip traced but no numbers were found.

Orange means that a record has numbers but a skip tracing date was not selected. If you know when the record was skip traced, the date can be applied by selecting the records, then navigating to managed -> last skip traced date.

Red means the record has no numbers and has not been skip traced.

Blue means the record was skip traced within the last 30 days and has numbers.

Grey means the record was skip traced over 30 days ago and has numbers

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