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Message Board Explained

How to add notes or messages to the Property and Owner Message Board

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In this article we discuss the Property and Owner Message Board within the records and how to add notes or messages to the message board.

In REISIft, we have a message board for the property and a separate message board for the owner.

Accessing the Property Message Board

From the Records page, click on a property record to open, then click the Message Board tab located just below the photos and map section.

This is a great place to take notes about conversation with the owner, list any details about the property condition, or list the names of any additional owners or relatives. Think of the message board as a way to document everything that happens within the property so you and your team are aware of any special circumstances associated with the property.

Adding Messages to the Message Board

You can add messages by typing in the message and clicking the icon to the right of the message. You can tag your team members in messages as well. To tag by name, type the @ symbol and select the user you want to tag. To tag by role, type the # symbol and select the role you want to tag. When a user or user role is tagged in the message board, they will receive an email notifying they were tagged. The email will also include a direct link to the property.

Messages can also be added to the Property Message Board on upload. To add messages on upload, include a column labeled Notes or Messages, and map this column to the Notes section on upload.

If the Notes or Messages do not auto-map, you can manually map it by dragging and dropping to the Notes field.

Need more help with uploading? Check out our Uploading Data section:
Uploading Data

Accessing the Owner Message Board

To access the owner message board, click the owner name from the records page or from within the property details page. This will take you to the Owner Details page, where we list information specific to the owner. Next, click the Message Board tab.

The Owner message board is a great place to add any special circumstances associated with the owner, for example maybe the owner is going through a divorce or had a recent death in the family. Adding this information to the owner message board allows you to access and view it from each property that owner owns.

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