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How to Switch from using Phone Tags to Phone Statuses
How to Switch from using Phone Tags to Phone Statuses

How to switch from using Phone Tags to track correct, wrong, DNC and dead numbers to Phone Statuses

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With our Phone Status release, we recommend using Phone Status to track Correct, Wrong, DNC and Dead phone numbers.

Phone Tags are best used for additional information, such as relative, husband, wife, or language barrier. 

In this video we will guide you through the process of switching from using Phone Tags to the more versatile Phone Statuses feature in REISift. Phone Statuses offer enhanced communication management and streamline workflows. We'll focus on the crucial step of updating your existing records in bulk to make a smooth switch from Phone Tags to Phone Statuses. By the end of this video, you'll have the knowledge and tools needed to successfully implement this switch.

Phone Statuses bring several advantages over traditional Phone Tags:

Standardization: Unlike Phone Tags, which may lack consistency, Phone Statuses follow a standardized format, making it easier to filter and organize your data.

Improved Workflow: Easily select to include or exclude certain phone numbers when exporting records or transferring through the dialer.

Assess Your Current Phone Tags

Start by reviewing your existing Phone Tags. Identify the different categories and their purposes. This assessment will help you determine how to map these tags to Phone Statuses.

Mapping Phone Tags to Phone Statuses

For each Phone Tag, decide which Phone Status it corresponds to. Create a clear mapping plan to ensure a smooth switch.

The available phone statuses are:






  • DEAD


  • DNC

Note: phone statuses are not case sensitive when uploading.

Data Cleanup and Formatting

Export the identified records to a CSV file and open it in a spreadsheet program like Google Sheets. Delete unnecessary columns to keep only the phone numbers and phone status data. Consolidate multiple columns containing phone numbers into a single column. The end result should be a well-organized dataset with standardized phone statuses and phone numbers in a single column.

Uploading and Updating Phone Statuses

Click Upload File towards the bottom left of your REISift account. Select "Update Data" and choose the option "Update Phone Statuses by Phone Numbers". Proceed to the next step and upload your file containing phone numbers. Map the phone number and phone status columns to the corresponding fields. Next, Review the information on the last step of upload, then select "Finish Upload."

The status of the can be tracked from the Activity -> Upload section of your account.

Cleaning Up Phone Tags and Transitioning to Phone Statuses

Once the phone status has been updated, upload the file containing the phone tag you want to remove by selecting Update Data -> Remove phone tags by phone number.

Note: Please leave the phone tag you want to remove in the csv you upload. The Remove phone tags upload option will remove any phone tags included in the phone tag column from the corresponding numbers.

When the phone tag has been removed from all phone numbers and is no longer in use, it can be deleted from the phone tags page.

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