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Editing and Deleting SiftLine Boards
Editing and Deleting SiftLine Boards

How to Edit and Delete Boards in SiftLine

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Editing and Deleting Boards

SiftLine boards can be edited or deleted by selecting Edit Board towards the top right of the page.

Only the Sensei, or the account owner and those users added to the board with Admin permission will be able to edit or delete the board.

Adding or Removing users

When editing a board, you can edit the board name, add or remove users from a board, add, edit or delete phases, or reorder them by dragging and dropping.

To add an additional user, select the user or user role you want to add and choose their permission level.

The permissions are:

  • Admin - full access to the board, can move cards, edit and delete the board

  • Just Read - can view cards only

  • Read & Write - can view and move cards to different phases

Next, select Add to the user or user role to the board.

Need to remove a user? Hover over their name or role and click the X sign.

Editing Board Phases

To add an additional phase or column to the board, click the plus sign located on the right side of the page.

Phases can be deleted by clicking delete phase towards the bottom of the column.

To reorder the phases or columns, click the dots located towards the top right corner of the phase and drag and drop.

Click Save Board to save any changes that have been made, or Cancel to discard.

Deleting Boards

Boards can be deleting by clicking Edit Board, then clicking the Trash Can icon towards the top right of the page.

When deleting a board, you'll need to confirm you want to delete by typing, or copying and pasting DELETE FOREVER, then clicking Yes, Delete it.

Note: Deleting a board does not delete properties from your account. You will still be able to access any properties that were associated with the board from the Records page.

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