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SiftLine Overview
SiftLine Overview

Overview of features and options within SiftLine

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What is SiftLine?

Siftline allows you to visualize your deal flows by creating kanban boards and phases for your marketing processes.

You can create boards that are transactions and sales based, and boards that are prospecting based, meaning before the record becomes a lead. You can also use SiftLine to track and manage different flip project phases.

Boards are fully customizable, you can create any boards you like and phases based on what works best for your business.

SiftLine events are also included in Sequences. This allows you to automate your work flows. You can create sequences so that cards are automatically added to boards, assigned to users, or create tasks automatically based on the board and phase a card is located in.

To access, click SiftLine located on the left sidebar of your account.

Board Management

The amount of boards you can create varies per plan:

  • Essentials Plan - up to 3

  • Professional Plan - up to 8

  • Business plan - Unlimited

Creating Boards

Boards can be created by clicking the plus sign + next to Boards on the left side of the page.

Need more help creating boards? Check out: Creating SiftLine Boards.

Adding and Removing Properties from a Board

Properties can be added to the board by clicking Add New Card.

A card in SiftLine is a deal. Each property will generate it’s own card or deal. Here you can search for an individual record and add to the board. The same property can be added to multiple SiftLine boards, but it cannot be added to the same board multiple times.

Properties can be added to a SiftLine board in bulk from the Records page.

To move a card through board, click the 3 dots located on the top right of the card and drag and drop to the desired phase.

Cards can also be moved by clicking the 3 dots located on the bottom of the card and selecting move. Next, select the board and phase you want the card moved to.

Please see Adding and Removing Properties from a Board for more information on adding and deleting properties in SiftLine.

Viewing Tasks

Tasks associated with records in the board can be accessed by clicking the checkmark icon located towards the right of the page.

Note: This section will only show your assigned tasks for the records or cards in the SiftLine board you're viewing. You can view all tasks from the tasks page or the calendar icon located towards the top right of the page.

Editing and Deleting Boards

Need to edit or delete a board? Click Edit Board on the right side of the page.

Only the Sensei, or the account owner and those users added to the board with Admin permission will be able to edit or delete the board.

When editing a board, you can edit the board name, add or remove users from a board, add, edit or delete phases, or reorder them by dragging and dropping.

Need more help? Check out: Editing and Deleting SiftLine Boards.

Card and Deal Details

From the card, you can see the owner name, property address and the amount of the last submitted offer. Also displayed (from left to right) is the team member the record is assigned to, deal temperature (cold, warm, or hot), list stacking, and the amount of tasks associated with the record. The first photo that was added to the property from the records page will also be displayed here.

Deal Details

Click a card to open the Deal Details. The Deal Details shows next tasks assigned for the record, recent activity (Activity Log), the team member the record is assigned to, property status, owner contact information, card stats and offers.

The phone numbers can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the arrow next to contact info.

Card Stats displays the number of days the card has been in the board (Card Age) and the number of days inactive, meaning no actions completed for the record and the percentage of tasks completed.

Offers can also be managed in the deal details. Click Add New Offer to submit an offer. Once an offer is submitted, you can view offer status, offer history and update the offer.

Deal Details Expanded View

Click the arrows located in the top right corner to expand the Deal Details view.

In the expanded view, you can view and add messages to the Message Board and view and upload files to the record.

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