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Editing and Deleting Sequences
Editing and Deleting Sequences

How to edit and delete Sequences in your REISift account

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Sequences can be created, toggled on and off, edited and deleted from the Sequences tab located on the left side bar of your account.

First open the sequence you want to edit or delete, and here you’ll see the options to Make Changes or Delete.

Editing Sequences

When editing, you can add additional conditions or actions or delete existing ones. Triggers, the first step of the sequence cannot be edited. If you need to make changes to the trigger it is best to recreate the sequence.

To edit, select Make Changes.

Once you've made your changes, click Save Sequence.
Need to cancel your changes? Select Discard Changes.

Deleting Sequences

To delete a Sequence, open the Sequence you want to delete and click Delete Sequence towards the top right of the page.

Once a sequence is deleted. It cannot be undone or restored. Click Yes, delete sequence to confirm.

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