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Adding New Leads to a SiftLine board using Sequences
Adding New Leads to a SiftLine board using Sequences

How to create a sequence to automatically add New Leads to a Lead Management Board in SiftLine

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With Sequences + SiftLine you can easily create automations and workflows based on what works best for your business and your own marketing strategy.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a sequence so that when a property status is updated to New Lead, the sequence will automatically add the property to a Lead Management board in SiftLine, assign the property record to your lead manager, and assign a task for your lead manager to follow up with the new lead.

Statuses, Tasks and SiftLine boards are all customizable. When setting up the sequence you'll choose the status you are using for new lead, your lead management board and phase, and the name of the task created.

Looking for general training on how to create sequences? Check out: How to Create Sequences

What you'll need:
Custom Status for New Lead
SiftLine board for Lead Management
Task preset for Follow up with New Lead

Please see articles below for more help creating Custom Statuses, SiftLine Boards, and Tasks:
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Creating the Sequence

Once you have created the custom status, SiftLine board and task preset, you can start creating the sequence. Click Sequence located on the left sidebar of your account and select Create New Sequence towards the top right of the page.


The Trigger is the first step of the sequence. This option is what triggers or starts the automation. For this sequence, the trigger will be Property Status Change.

Select Property Status Change for the trigger by dragging and dropping.


The condition is an additional set of rules that will need to be met in order for the sequence to run and execute the action.

For the condition, drag and drop Property Status Change and select from Any to New Lead.


Next, Select Set the following Actions. The action is what will happen once the trigger event and conditions are met.

Here we're going to add three actions: Assign Property, Create Task, and Move Card.
Note: The Actions can be added any order.

Drag and drop Assign Property and select your lead manager team member (or yourself if you are also acting as lead manager).

Next, select Add new Action and drag and drop Create New Task. Then select Create new task or choose preset(s).

Click Choose Preset and select your task preset for New Lead Follow up.
Leave the Assign this task to the property toggled on.

Click Add new Action and drag and drop Create New Card. Then select your Lead Management board and the first phase of your board.

Saving the Sequence

Be sure to name your sequence, once the sequence is named and all options have been added, click Save Sequence.

Testing Sequence

To Test, update the property status of a record to New Lead. Once the status is updated, you should see the property located on the SiftLine Board, in the phase you selected within the sequence.

Sequence events are listed within the Activity Log in the record and under Recent Activity when opening a SiftLine card.

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