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Week 48 release notes

  • You can now enable or disable product images on quote line items, either as default setting or on a per quote basis. You can find this setting by navigating to admin, quotes, quote settings, quote settings tab or on the quote setting tab in the quote editor. (View image)

  • You can now quickly change the contact for an opportunity by opening the opportunity from the quote editor using the pencil icon next to General information (view image)

  • You can now quickly add one or more products to a new or existing quote from the product tab (view image)

  • We added a button to create a new landing page from the admin settings (view image)

  • We added a country field to the shipping address dialog (view image)

  • We added international address validation tot the shipping address dialog using the PostNL API

  • Bug fixes and minor updates

What we are working on for the upcoming releases

  • Bundled products that consolidates multiple line items in a single line item for your customer

  • An option to remove the not found label for products that have a custom supplier configured

  • A new option that lets you choose to calculate the quote total summary by adding the one time and recurring cost together, or show them as separate items

  • A new marketplace tab that enables you to search for products across all connected distributors and add the results to your catalog with the click of a button

  • A new option for quotes that will automatically adjust the cost and sales price for line items based on daily market conditions for quotes that are waiting for approval

  • Configuring naming conventions for quote titles

  • The ability to edit category add-ons from the storefront

You can view all previous release notes here.

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