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Quick Guide: Adding products to your catalog
Quick Guide: Adding products to your catalog

Learn how to add a product to your catalog based on the part number

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Unlock the full potential of your sales catalog by efficiently adding products. Whether you're importing from the Marketplace, entering details manually, or using a part number, this guide walks you through the process seamlessly.

Please Note: While Salesbuildr seamlessly imports and updates services from your PSA every 10 minutes, it does not create update your services within your PSA. Because services in your PSA have a direct relationship with contracts and billing, you will need to maintain your services inside your PSA.

For insights on managing this integration, see our guide on Managing Products and Services.

Products can be imported from the Marketplace, created manually one by one or in bulk using the import module that is part of the premium plan.

Importing Products from the distributor marketplace

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace: From your dashboard, head to the Products tab and click on the Marketplace sub-tab.

  2. Find Your Product: Utilize the search functionality or the filters on the left to locate your desired product.

  3. Import: Once found, click Import Product, choose the appropriate category, and then click Create.

  4. View Product: Click View to be directed to the page of the newly imported product.

Adding a Product using a manufacturer part number

  1. Initiate Product Addition: On your dashboard, select New Product or press P on your keyboard.

  2. Enter Part Number: Input the manufacturer part number for the product you're adding.

  3. Fetch Product Info: Click Fetch Info to automatically gather product details, such as descriptions, pricing, and availability.

  4. Avoid Duplicates: If the product already exists in your catalog, Salesbuildr will notify you.

  5. Create Product: After selecting the appropriate category, hit Create to add the product to your catalog.

Adding a custom product (without a manufacturer part number)

For products without a manufacturer part number:

  1. Start New Product Addition: From your dashboard, click New Product or use P on your keyboard.

  2. Provide Product Details: Fill in the product's name, description, vendor, and an optional logo.

  3. Set Pricing: Under the pricing tab, enter the cost, unit, and term. The markup will automatically adjust based on the chosen category's default markup.

  4. Finalize Creation: Click Create to add the custom product to your catalog.

Only when adding a product to a quote, Salesbuildr creates the item in Autotask, ensuring your database remains organized. To trigger a manual synchronization, use the Synchronize button on the product page.

Copying an Existing Product

To duplicate a product within your catalog:

  1. Access the Product Tab: From your Dashboard, navigate to the Products tab.

  2. Copy Product: Use the copy icon located next to the product you wish to duplicate.

By following these steps, you'll be able to expand your product catalog efficiently, ensuring your sales team has all they need at their fingertips

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