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Configure add-ons for categories or products

Learn how to configure add-ons on product categories to standardise and automate your up-and cross sell items.

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NOTE: Add-ons are available as part of Salesbuildr Advanced. Please reach out to learn more.

You can define mandatory and optional add-ons for products and services in your catalog to enable you to capture more revenue from your customers and prevent mistakes or omissions in the sales process.

Add-ons can be configured on a category or product level, we recommend the category level as this requires less effort to maintain. When a product is added to a quote the product specific add-ons and the category add-ons will be merged on the line item.

Please note that in Salesbuildr, a product can be assigned to a primary category and multiple secondary categories. If a product is added to multiple categories, the add-ons from the non-primary categories will be applied ONLY IF specific customers have been added to the whitelist of those categories.

Configure category level add-ons (best practice)

Navigate to Admin, Configuration, Categories and edit the category where you want to define add-ons. Here you can define any item from your porrtffolio as a mandadory or optional add-on.

This ensures that when you add an item from this category to a proposal, the add-ons will also be added to the proposal.

Configure customer specific add-ons

You can setup customer specific add-ons by first creating a customer specific category structure. Once that is completed, you can add specific mandatory or options add-ons to that category. When you create a quote for that customer from this category, Salesbuildr will apply the customer specific add-ons to the quote. When you offer customer storefronts, Salesbuildr will offer the customer specific add-ons that are defined on the customer specific category.

Configure product specific add-ons

Navigate to a product in your catalog, click on Edit and head to the pricing tab. Here you can select any product or service in your catalog and set that as mandatory or optional add-on. Mandatory add-ons will always be included. Optional add-ons can be selected. This works when you or a customer adds a product to a quote from the store.

This will also add the "add optional products" for the line item on your quote detail page.

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