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Getting started: KPN RoutIT πŸ†•
Getting started: KPN RoutIT πŸ†•

Learn how to setup and use the Salesbuildr KPN / RoutIT integration

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Note: This integration requires a Premium subscription

In order to get started with RoutiIT please follow the steps underneath. You can watch the video (in Dutch) with an overview of what you can do below:

1. Sending information to Salesbuilder

We need some information in order to activate your connection. Please login to your RoutIT portal / Grexx account, head to "api toolbox", collect the data underneath and send this to

  1. OrderControl API link

  2. Credentials API Username

  3. Password (Grexx has sent this to you by email)

2. Whitelisting IP addresses

In the Grexx portal you will need to add the IP adresses underneath, alternatively you can also send an email to Grexx ( for help with this.



If this is done successfully you will see the IP addresses in your Grexx account on the location below (please note that the screenshot below does not reflect the correct IP addresses).

2. Enabling the RoutIT / KPN integration in Salesbuildr

If the steps above are finished successfully, navigate to Admin, Integrations inside Salesbuildr and turn on the RoutIT / KPN integration. Fill in the username, password, URL parameter and select the company you have setup for RoutIT/KPN inside Autotask.

If you do not see this option in the integrations list please provide support with these credentials and ask them to activate it for you.

Selecting the Autotaskl UDF that contains the KPN customer ID

This enables you to be able to view the active contracts and services from the KPN API

Browsing the RoutIT / KPN catalog

You can now browse the complete RoutIT / KPN catalog inside Salesbuildr by navigating to Products.

Linking RoutIT / KPN services with Autotask Services

You can link any service from the RoutIT / KPN catalog to one of your existing services in Autotask by selecting link product and searching for the existing service in your sales portfolio. Alternatively, you can create a new service in Autotask by selecting an existing service category to add the service to.

Important: When creating a new service, the category you select should already be mapped to an Autotask service code so Salesbuildr knows where to what service code the new service should be linked. Read this section to learn more about creating and linking Autotask and Salesbuildr categories and service codes.

Filter for products that are linked to items in your portfolio

You can use this filter to only show items that are linked or not linked to items in your portfolio.

Filter for products that are linked to items from the KPN portfolio. If an item is removed from the KPN portfolio it will be flagged as not found.

Review existing RoutIT / KPN services contracts for a specific customer

If you are working on a proposal and need to review what services are linked to this specific customer, navigate to the options menu and select "Open Contracts". This will open a dialog where you can expand the RoutIT section to reveal all existing services, quantities.

In order for this to work, you will need to link the Autotask customer to the KPN / RoutIT customer:

Performing a postcode check for a specific customer

From the proposal editor, select "RoutIT zipcode check".

This will perform a search using the API using the known address of you customer to show what line services can be delivered on the specific address.

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