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Integrating Shaker with
Integrating Shaker with

Connecting to Shaker integration | Realtor

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How the Shaker and Integration works

Users who are receiving leads from can automatically send those leads to Shaker and create new contacts.

  • New leads from will create a new contact in Shaker including Name, Email, Phone Number, and Lead Source.

  • Any message included with the lead will be logged as a note on the Shaker contact record.

  • Incoming leads will be auto-tagged as a new prospect

  • Leads are assigned to a default agent

Current Limitations

  • Shaker does not support round-robin assignments at this time. Users will need to select a default agent when setting up the integration. This can be an admin or team leader who can then reassign the lead in Shaker to the appropriate agent.

Connecting Shaker to

Step 1: Find your API key in Shaker
Your API key can be found inside your Shaker account under Settings > Integrations >

Step 2: Add your Shaker lead delivery API key to your account

For Agents, this can be found by going to the avatar in the top right corner and selecting Settings > Lead Settings > Connections℠ Plus > Lead Delivery API > Add a Lead Delivery API

For Brokers, this can be found by going to the left navigation rail and selecting

Brokerage > Organization Settings > Lead products > Connections℠ Plus > Lead Delivery API > Add a Lead Delivery API

  1. Choose “Other Application”

  2. Three fields should show: Application URL, API Key, Application login name (Optional)

  3. Under API key, enter the code supplied by Shaker

  4. Under Application login name (Optional): enter the email address you use to sign into Shaker.

  5. Hit “Save” at the bottom right

  6. Be sure to go to “Connections Plus” settings and check the Lead Delivery API check-box (default is not checked - see below)

Setting up a lead notification in Shaker

Shaker does not notify users of new contacts added by default, but you can utilize workflows to create tasks and notifications.

  • First, create a workflow in Shaker and name it accordingly

  • Setup your Enrollment Tag using the tag "new prospect"

  • Create a Task Step and name it: (Example: Assign New Lead) and select the team member who should be notified.

    • If the team member has task notification emails set they will receive an immediate email about the task

    • If the team member does not have email notifications set up they will still see the task immediately on their Shaker dashboard.

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