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How do I add a note to a deal?
Managing Documents in Shaker
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How do I prevent automated emails from sending after a deal stage changes?
Setting up user permissions in Shaker
How do I assign or add a vendor to a deal?
How do I set up a deal timeline?
How do I update my billing information?
Creating and Resetting Shaker Passwords
Using Advanced Email Merge Fields and Recipes
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How to Export a CSV of your Contacts
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How do I CC other roles on an Automated Email?
How do I set what time my automated Emails and SMS send?
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How do I use field substitutions in 1-off emails?
Canceling your Shaker Account
Adding Users to my Shaker Account (Upgrade)
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Who counts as a team member? Can team members be on different plans?
Shaker Mobile Apps
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How do I set individual and team goals?
What does advanced reporting offer?
How does the advanced team dashboard work?
Can I add tasks to a deal that aren't on my task lists?
How do I make a field into a hyperlink on my message templates?
Why aren't my templates rendering when trying to send an email?
Copying a Deal in Shaker