Cancel market and limit orders for companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Orders for companies and ETFs are usually immediately sent to market when an exchange is open. These orders might not be able to be cancelled during market opening hours.

Order processing times

Orders for companies and ETFs placed outside of market hours will show as pending. You can usually cancel these orders during closed hours.

You may be able to cancel the remaining amount of a partially filled order. If you successfully cancel a partially filled buy order, the money for the unfilled part of your order is returned to your Wallet. Shares from a cancelled sell order will stay in your Portfolio.

Partially filled orders

Cancel auto-invest orders

You can’t cancel auto-invest orders once they show as processing.

Auto-invest orders are processed from your Wallet after 12 PM each trading day, so orders won’t appear in a pending state. If you don’t want the order to be processed, pause, edit, switch, or delete the auto-invest order before the date your auto-invest is set to go out.

Cancel pending or partially filled orders

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Select the investment you want to cancel the order for under your Portfolio.

  3. Under the Investing activity card at the top of the page, select the pending order you wish to cancel.

  4. Select Cancel order and confirm once you’re ready. For multiple orders under the same investment, use the arrows to flick through your recent orders.

Money from cancelled buy orders will be returned to your Wallet as soon as possible. If you successfully cancel a pending order when the market is closed, the money will return to your Wallet when the market reopens.

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