A few examples of why an order is cancelled or rejected are listed below, but it doesn’t cover all cases. Message help@sharesies.com.au if you’d like the team to check your order details.

Reasons an Australian order might be rejected or cancelled

  • Your order has been rejected by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This can happen when some corporate actions take place.

  • Your order has been on market for more than 30 calendar days. Your order will be cancelled, and the money returned to your Sharesies Wallet.

Reasons a US order might be rejected or cancelled

  • You’ve placed an order while an investment is in a trading halt.

  • An investment has gone into a ‘sell-only’ state and you have a pending buy order. The complete order, or unfilled portion of the order, will be cancelled.

  • You’ve set a limit order price too high or below the current share price.

  • The relevant exchange or the third parties that execute trades have cancelled your order. This might happen if they need to intervene in order to maintain an orderly market.

Reasons an NZ order might be rejected or cancelled

  • An order for a company or ETF hasn’t filled within 30 calendar days of the order being placed.

  • You’ve placed more than two orders at any one time for the same investment. Sharesies will cancel your order.

  • The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) has halted trading temporarily, or has cancelled your order.

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