The next step in becoming a Sharesies customer after ID verification is verifying your residential address.

Verify your address

1. Log in to Sharesies.

2. Enter your New Zealand residential address. If you live overseas, manually verify your address by selecting ‘Can’t find your address?’. If your address is found, you’re good to go.

Address not automatically verified

If we weren’t able to verify your address online because it can’t be found, or you live overseas, you’ll be asked to upload ONE verification document.

You live in NZ

We can accept ONE of the following documents for address verification. This can be an electronic document:

  • a utility bill from your power, gas, water, landline phone, SKY, or internet service provider company

  • an NZ council rates letter

  • a document from a registered NZ bank

  • a document from an NZ insurance company

  • a document issued by an NZ Government agency

  • a rental agreement

  • a letter from your current employer on the employer's letterhead.

You live overseas

We can accept a government issued document that verifies your address in that country. The document must be no more than 12 months old, and must match the name you sign up to Sharesies with.

You don’t have an address document on hand

No worries! Skip the address verification step and carry on with your sign up. You’ll just have to verify your address within seven days. You can do this by uploading a document in Settings.

Your address hasn’t been verified

If your address isn't verified within seven days of you signing up, there'll be a temporary restriction placed on your account. You can still log in, but you won't be able to buy, sell, top up your Wallet with a credit or debit card, or withdraw money.

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