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ID you need to sign up to Sharesies
ID you need to sign up to Sharesies

We need to verify your identity before you can start investing with Sharesies in NZ. There are other certified forms of ID we can accept.

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When you sign up to Sharesies, you can verify your identity using a valid NZ driver license OR a valid NZ passport.

If you get a validation error that cannot be fixed, or you don’t have a valid NZ driver license or NZ passport, you can send an alternative, certified form of ID to

Other forms of ID

If you can’t verify your identity during sign-up using a valid NZ driver license or NZ passport, we can accept a certified copy of:

  • an NZ or overseas passport, OR

  • an NZ driver licence, OR

  • an NZ firearms licence.

Or, you can provide a certified copy of a valid Kiwi access card (formerly 18+ card) PLUS a certified copy of:

  • a full NZ birth certificate, OR

  • a certificate of NZ citizenship, OR

  • a full birth certificate from another country or the United Nations, or an agency of the United Nations (with an English translation if relevant) OR

  • a certificate of citizenship from another country (with an English translation if relevant).

How to certify a document

Certified documents need to have been certified in New Zealand in the last three months. Or, for investors living overseas, certified in the country you’re living in within the last three months.

Approved certifiers

You’ll need to take the original document and a copy to an approved certifier. They’ll check that the copy is the same as the original.

Approved certifiers include:

  • member of the police

  • registered medical doctor

  • kaumātua

  • registered teacher

  • minister of religion

  • lawyer

  • notary public

  • New Zealand honorary consul

  • member of parliament

  • chartered accountant.

Certifier info

The copy of your certified document must include the certifier’s:

  • signature

  • full name

  • occupation

  • phone number

  • address (optional)

  • the date.

On a single-page document, the certifier must write or stamp, “This is a certified true copy of the original as sighted by me and is of true likeness to the individual”.

On documents with more than one page, the certifier must write or stamp “I certify this and the following [number of pages] pages to be a true copy of the original as sighted by me and is of true likeness to the individual.” on the first page, and initial all other pages.

Certified documents need to be sent to

We’ll let you know when your ID has been verified. We may ask you to provide a bank statement to verify your ID—we’ll email you to request this directly. If we don’t receive the additional information needed to verify your ID within 14 days, we’ll place a temporary freeze on your account.

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