Forms of ID we can accept through digital sign up

  • a valid New Zealand driver licence OR

  • a valid NZ passport.

If you’re receiving a validation error upon sign up, or you don’t have an NZ driver licence or passport, you’ll need to provide a certified copy (and have it sent through to of one of the following ID options.

Documents you provide must have been certified in the last 3 months.

Option one

A certified copy of:

  • an NZ or overseas passport OR

  • an NZ driver licence OR

  • an NZ firearms licence.

Option two

A certified copy of:

  • a full NZ birth certificate OR

  • a certificate of NZ citizenship OR

  • a full birth certificate from another country or the United Nations, or an agency of the United Nations (with an English translation if relevant) OR

  • a certificate of citizenship from another country (with an English translation if relevant).


  • a current Kiwi access card (formerly 18+ card).

If you get stuck, message the team at

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