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Common Shareholder Number (CSN), Holder Number (HN), and Faster Identification Number (FIN)
Common Shareholder Number (CSN), Holder Number (HN), and Faster Identification Number (FIN)

If you hold shares listed on the NZX through other registries, you’ll have a CSN or HN, and a FIN. You don’t have a CSN through Sharesies.

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Common Shareholder Number (CSN)

Your CSN is how the registries identify the legal owner of the investments. It’s possible to have more than one CSN.

As your shares are held on bare trust by Sharesies Nominee Limited, you won’t receive an individual CSN when you invest with Sharesies. You’ll only need to provide us with your personal CSN if you transfer NZX-listed investments in and out of Sharesies.

Holder Number (HN)

Your HN is another type of unique number issued by a registry, that identifies you as the owner of the investments. The HN will be specific to either ComputerShare or Link Market Services. Companies choose to issue their shares through only one of these registries. You might have more than one HN if you hold investments across both registries.

Faster Identification Number (FIN)

Your FIN is like a pin on your debit card or credit card, and is unique to each CSN or HN. A FIN will be automatically created and sent to you by post when you first get shares on a CSN or HN.

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