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Info needed to transfer shares
Info needed to transfer shares

Here’s what you need to provide if you’re transferring shares into or out of Sharesies.

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NZX-listed share transfers

To transfer shares listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) into Sharesies, you’ll need your:

Entering the average price paid per share for your investments is optional. If you don’t enter this, we’ll use the latest close price of that investment to calculate your Sharesies Portfolio returns.

Where to find your CSN, HN, and FIN

Your CSN or HN will appear on your Securities Transaction Statements, Payment Advices, and other related documents you receive from the registry (ComputerShare or Link Market Services). If you don’t have this, or you aren't sure which registry your shares are held with, you'll need to contact the registries to check.

A FIN will be automatically created and sent to you by post when you first get shares on a CSN or HN.

If you’re transferring shares out of Sharesies and don’t have an individual CSN, we may be able to create one for you if you reach out to

How to calculate average price per share

Add together the total amounts you’ve paid when you’ve invested, then divide this by the number of shares that you own for that investment.

For example, if you bought 520 shares that totalled $1,314, you could work out the average price paid per share for those investments by dividing $1,314 by 520:

$1,314 / 520 shares = $2.526923 (average price paid per share)

If you received your shares as a gift, or as part of an Employee Share Scheme with no cost, then it’s likely you didn’t pay anything for those shares. If this is the case, enter $0.00.

US-listed share transfers

For any US share transfer, you’ll need:

  • your IRD number (if you haven’t yet provided it)

  • a copy of your brokerage account statement (or any document that shows your name, your brokerage account number, and a summary of your shareholding.)

  • enough money in your Wallet to cover the share transfer fee.

If you’re transferring US shares from (or to) a broker that is a DriveWealth partner or a US transfer agent, you’ll also need to fill out a transfer form that we’ll provide.

ASX-listed share transfers

To transfer shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) into Sharesies, you’ll need:

  • your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN)

  • your Holding Statement

  • your driver licence or passport

  • the date(s) you acquired your shares

  • the price paid per parcel of shares you’re transferring (a ‘parcel’ being the number of shares purchased at any one time)

  • enough money in your Wallet to cover the share transfer fee (if you’re transferring out of Sharesies)

  • If you’re transferring to or from a HIN, you will need the broker PID which you may be able to find listed here.

You’ll also need to print and physically sign a transfer form, which you’ll do during the Sharesies transfer process. Once it’s signed, you’ll upload a clear image of the form when asked to upload your documents.

Where to find your SRN/HIN and Holding Statement

Your SRN or HIN will appear on your Holding Statement, or it’ll be available directly from the registry or your broker. Your Holding Statement will also be available from the registry or your broker.

We also accept a screenshot from your broker or registry showing the SRN or HIN, your name, number of shares, and address.

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