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Transfer shares
Transfer shares—info you need to provide
Transfer shares—info you need to provide

Certain info is required to transfer shares for both New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) investments.

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NZX transfers

You’ll need your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) or Holder Number (HN), Faster Identification Number (FIN), and your IRD number.

Having the average price per share on hand for your investments is optional.

Find your CSN, HN, and FIN

Your CSN or HN will appear on your Securities Transaction Statements, Payment Advices, and other related documents you receive from the registry (ComputerShare or Link Market Services). If you don’t have this, or you aren't sure which registry your shares are held with, you'll need to contact the registries to check.

A FIN will be automatically created and sent to you by post when you first get shares on a CSN or HN.

Number of shares and average price per share

To allow your returns to more closely reflect the price you actually paid, enter the average price you paid for them. If you don’t enter an average price paid per share, we’ll use the latest close price of that investment to calculate your returns when you transfer shares into Sharesies.

Calculate the average price paid per share

Add together the total amounts you’ve paid when you’ve invested, then divide this by the number of shares that you own for that investment.

For example, if you bought 520 shares that totalled $1,314, you could work out the average price paid per share for those investments by dividing $1,314 by 520:

$1,314 / 520 shares = $2.526923 (average price paid per share)

If you received your shares as a gift, or as part of an Employee Share Scheme with no cost, then it’s likely you didn’t pay anything for those shares. If this is the case, enter $0.00.

ASX transfers

You’ll need a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN), Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement, and a driver licence or passport. You’ll also need to print and sign a Transfer Form, which you’ll do during the transfer process on Sharesies.

You’ll also need to provide the price paid per parcel of shares you’re transferring. You’ll also need to provide the price paid per parcel of shares you’re transferring (a ‘parcel’ being the number of shares purchased at any one time) . For example, if you received 50 shares on 20 January 2021 at the price of $50 AUD each, and 50 shares on 20 January 2022 at the price of $60 AUD each, you’ll need to enter both of these share parcels individually.

Find your SRN or Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement

Your SRN will appear on your Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement, or it’ll be available directly from the registry. Your Issuer Sponsored Holding Statement will also be available from the registry.

We also accept a screenshot from the registry showing the SRN, your name, number of shares, and address.

Number of shares and price paid per parcel received

To complete the transfer, you need to enter the date and price you paid for each parcel of shares.

Transfer Form

We’ll email a Transfer Form to you as part of the transfer process. This will need to be printed out, signed, and dated to allow the transfer request to be processed.

A digital signature won’t be accepted—you must sign using a blue or black pen. Once it’s signed, upload a clear image of the form when asked to upload your documents.

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