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Who Sharesies works with
Who Sharesies works with
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Sharesies Limited is an NZX Trading and Advising Participant, Clearing and Settlement Participant, and Depository Participant.

DriveWealth are a US-based registered broker dealer who are our clearing participant and sub-custodian in the US, and act on behalf of Sharesies and Sharesies Nominee Limited—the Sharesies entity that holds investments on bare trust for you. We send off the order information to them, and they execute the buy and sell orders on behalf of Sharesies.

Sharesies is the customer of DriveWealth, but each individual Sharesies investor won’t be. This means we don’t pass your personal information on to DriveWealth.

CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd are our broker for Australian shares. They execute buy and sell orders of ASX-listed investments on behalf of Sharesies. CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We source market data from third parties, including LSEG.

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