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Outlining your investments in your Will
Outlining your investments in your Will

The beneficiary of your Sharesies account can be included in your Will.

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Upon the event of your death, the executor or administrator of your estate will need to organise the closure of your Sharesies account by sending the following documents to

  • Death certificate

  • Copy of your Will, or documentation naming the executor or administrator of your estate

  • A certified copy of the executor or administrator’s ID

  • Proof of probate–required only if the value of money and investments in the Sharesies account exceeds $15,000 NZD.

Once we receive the necessary documents, we’ll be able to proceed with selling any shareholdings, or transferring NZX listed shares to a CSN, and then closing the account on the executor’s instructions. If the executor wished to take a different action with the estate, they may need to provide additional documents. We’re required by law to obtain these additional documents.

If you get stuck or have any questions, reach out to us at

We’re unable to provide legal advice—if you require further guidance, seek independent legal advice

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