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Navigate around select areas of the platform using your keyboard.

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You can now navigate around select areas of the platform using your keyboard, as well as your mouse. This helps those who find it difficult to use a computer mouse, or rely on a keyboard to interact with the Sharesies platform—including within the log in, buy and sell flows, and your Sharesies Portfolio.

This isn’t available on all areas of the platform at this stage, but we’re working on implementing this across more places on the platform in time!

Devices with traditional keyboards (like desktop or laptop computers) should have the functionality to support keyboard navigation. Keyboard navigation can’t be used on devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPads, and tablets that don’t have bluetooth keyboards attached to them.

Press the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard to start using keyboard navigation. You’ll see a ‘focus ring’ appear around the interactive element (e.g. button). Continue to press the ‘tab’ key until you reach your desired element.

Press ‘enter’ or ‘return’ to “click”. When you click your mouse pointer, click your touchpad, or use your tablet pen to click the screen, the ‘focus ring’ will be hidden until you use your keyboard to navigate.

If you get stuck, flick the team an email at

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