Digital identifying

How does digital identification work?

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What is ID proof?

Digital identification with a passport or ID card can be done in various ways. With a passport selfie check, where the customer is identified by means of a photo of the front of the passport and a selfie check. Or by reading the chip in the passport. The second solution is done via a smartphone which requires an app.

What happens with my data?

The purpose of the process is to find out whether it is really you who is pushing the buttons in digital identification. In addition, data can also be taken from the document. If you want to know which data this is, please contact the organization that asked you to go through this process.

The link to the web form is always encrypted; you can recognize it by the padlock in front of the URL. See the image below:

The data sent over the line is therefore not visible to third parties. Do you not see a lock, or do you see a warning on the web page of the form? Close the web page immediately and contact the organization that asked you to do the identity check.

How does it work?

You received a link to navigate to ID proof webform. The webforms show one or multiply ways to identify yourself. There is no app needed for this proces.

Use camera

If your mandatory or choose for use camera you scan the QR code with the camera of your mobile phone/tablet. There is no app needed for this process. Check out the article Identification using your camera for a detailed explanation and tips.

Verify with NFC

If you need to verify with NFC you need to download an app and continue the process on your smartphone or tablet. Check out the article Identity request with NFC for a detailed explanation and tips when using the ReadID app.

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