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How to use the Signhost App?
How to use the Signhost App?
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To be able to use the Signhost app, you must first download the app and create an account. Read more about this in the article Getting started with the Signhost App!

Do you want to use the Signhost App to identify yourself with ID Proof? View the article Identity request with the Signhost App.

Once logged in to the app, you will see the following options from the home screen:

  • Settings (upper-left corner);

  • Support (upper-right corner);

  • Transactions;

  • Drafts;

  • New transaction


In the upper-left corner you can click on the menu and go to Transaction Settings.

There you are able to adjust the default transaction settings, such as:

  • Reminder interval (every X amount of days the system will automatically send a reminder to signers who haven't signed yet)

  • Transaction validity (amount of days until the transaction expires)

  • Reference

  • Paraph

  • Seal

  • Send signed document to signer

  • Send e-mail notifications to sender

  • Send in order

  • Subject

  • Invitation message

  • Default language transaction request

  • Default verification method(s)

Don't forget to press Save after you adjusted your settings.

Create a new transaction

In the main screen you can create new transaction by clicking the Create transaction button at the bottom of the screen.

Open transactions

In the main screen you can view the Open Transactions.

This contains all the sent out transactions that have been sent out via the app by the logged in user. Transactions that have been made via our webportal will not be shown.

By pressing on a transaction you can view the Transaction Details, which contains:

  • Transaction information

    • Status

    • Created at: (date)

    • Still valid for: (number of days)

    • Transaction ID

  • Signer(s)

    • Name

    • E-mail address

    • The option to share the transaction

      • Via Whatsapp

      • Via any other app on your phone

      • Create a QR code so the signer can scan it

  • Documents

  • Audit trail

  • Withdraw transaction


When you have started to create a transaction but haven't sent it out yet it will be placed in Drafts.


When the transaction (signing request) has been completed, the transaction will be shown underneath Signed. By clicking on the transaction you are also able to share the document(s) via the Transaction Details. Please note that signed documents can be downloaded up to 30 days after signing.

Cancelled and failed transactions are also shown in the Signed section.

All the transactions that you have created in the app will also be available in our web portal. Vice versa this is not the case: in the app you can not view the transactions that were made in the portal.

Our support team is happy to assist you via chat or via

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