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You have received a sign request and are asked for a code which is send through SMS. What now?

  • First click the sign invitation link in the email to open the document(s) in your browser;

  • After you've read the document(s) press the button Next below;

  • The window below will open and you will receive a verification code on your phone:

Enter the code in the text box, your cursor is automatically located in the right place.

Press the button Verify below:

Do you get an error like the one below? Please check the code for a typo and enter it again:

After a successful phone number verification, you'll be asked to digitally sign the document.

Didn't receive a code? Choose the button No code received?.

The window below will open. Please check your phone number. In case there is a typo, please contact the organization who sent you the signing request. They can send you a new signing request with the correct phone number.

Is your phone number correct? Press the button Resend code, we'll send you a new code within several seconds. You can also choose Call me, then our Signhost Bot will read the code out loud.

Does the Call me option not work for you? Then check out our article on local restrictions or contact us directly at

Our support team is happy to assist you via chat or via

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