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There are several alternatives available for the manager to sign documents:

  1. Have the manager sign online at Signhost (on premise). Instead of signing via a link, Signhost offers the option to sign directly via Signhost The issuer can select this option at Signhost by choosing to send a document for signing ‘on premise’. The document will then be available in the sign batches at Signhost, and can be signed without the manager receiving an e-mail message first;

  2. The manager's scanned signature can be included in the Word documents in advance and use the seal. In this case, the manager will not draw/sign anything, but simply presses a button and a stamp will appear in the top-left corner of the document representing the organization and the user. Uploading and using a seal is a separate process. The manager can easily upload the desired document and select ‘seal only’.

The sealed document is then sent to the e-mail address linked to the account. If the issuer of the document has access to the same account, they can take over the further processing of the document from here. An extra account in the manager's name must be created using a private or general e-mail address. There are several organizations that use this method.


  • Press a button instead of writing a ‘scribble’;

  • No notifications of signed documents sent to manager's e-mail address. Just the sealed documents and related transaction receipts

Keep in mind!

  • The location of the seal is fixed in the top-left corner;

  • Use this method only for agreements with a low legal risk.

Receipt of signed documents and the transaction receipt can currently not be switched off.
One way to reduce the amount of Signhost spam in the manager's inbox is to set up a separate internal e-mail account for the manager where all of the documents for signing are sent and received.

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