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Signing on premise
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Clicking the ‘Details’ icon to the right of the e-mail recipient's fields will reveal more options, such as ‘Signing by invitation’ and ‘Signing on premise’.

Figure 1 – Sending a transaction using the ‘Signing on premise’ option.

Signing on premise is often used during visits to clients, as it enables documents to be signed directly from the portal (open transactions), or for you to send the link yourself. After sending, a blue bar will appear where you can choose from three options:

1. Open your mail program with the signing link in the message.

2. Open a new tab to sign immediately.

3. Copy the signing link to the clipboard.

Figure 2 – The options for signing ‘on premise’.

The link can be found in the transaction details, which is useful for various purposes such as sending out reminders later if the document remains unsigned. The image below also shows how the ‘Signing on premise’ option differs from the ‘Signing by invitation’ option.

Figure 3 – The differences between ‘Signing on premise’ and ‘Signing by invitation’.

The left side shows 'Signing on premise' where the word link is clickable. Press on it with the right side of your mouse and choose 'Copy' to copy the link and resend it to the signer.

The right side shows 'Signing by invitation' which shows that there has been an e-mail sent to the signer.

Did you know that you can also easily sign a transaction on premise or share a document with for instante WhatsApp? For more information, check out our article about the Evidos App !

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