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What are credits?

Costs per transaction - Credit cost

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Signhost offers various packages, depending on how many sign requests your company expects to send. 

These sign requests are made up of credits. Default requests start at 1 credit, which can be used to make one e-signature or two e-signatures.

Additional signatures or verification methods cost additional credits (or parts thereof).

Verification methods are performed once per person for an entire transaction.

Signature fields are counted per person per signature location.

Overview of credit costs

Invitation with 2 e-signatures

1 credit

Additional e-signature/seal

0.5 credit

Authentication: DigiD

0.5 credit

Authentication: Phone number (SMS)

0.2 credit

Extra verification: DigiD

0.5 credit

Extra verification: eHerkenning

0.5 credit

Extra verification: eIDAS

1 credit

Extra verification: iDeal

0.8 credit

Extra verification: iDIN

1 credit

Extra verification: itsme Identification

3 credits

Extra verification: itsme Qualified Electronic Signature

2 credits

Extra verification: Phone number (SMS)

0.2 credit

Extra verification: Signing Certificate

0.5 credit

Every e-signature field is counted separately, even those used by the same signer.

More than one e-signature per person per document is not usually necessary since the digital signature is attached to the entire document using a certificate, making it impossible to modify the document later. If you wish all pages to be initialled nonetheless, our ‘paraph’ function is one way to do so.

Credits are subtracted from the package purchased once a sign request has been sent. No credits are refunded if a transaction expires or is withdrawn. 

Examples of transactions and the associated credits

Example 1:
You send one document, to be signed by 1 person. This falls under the standard request using 1 e-signature: 1 credit.

Example 2:
You send 2 documents that need to be signed by 3 people. Each document requires 3 signatures, resulting in a total of 6. A standard request includes 1 e-signatures, so this transaction requires 4 more at 0.5 credits each. So for this transaction, you will pay 1 credit for the invitation and 2 credits for the additional 4 e-signatures (4 x 0.5).
The total cost of this request is therefore 3 credits.

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