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Position of the signature [drag-and-drop]
Position of the signature [drag-and-drop]

How do I determine the postition of the signature in the document via the Signhost webportal?

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Make sure your browser is up-to-date if you use the drag-and-drop function.

After adding the signers and uploading the documents, the location of the signature can be determined from the web portal.

After uploading the document, select Show Document:

Decide which signer you want to set the location for and click Add Signature:

The signature field appears at the top left of the document on the first page:

From here, you can drag the field to the preferred location:

Repeat these steps if you have multiple signers. Click the cross symbol on the Document Viewer screen to continue with the transaction.

Frequently asked questions

Multiple signatures for one signatory?

It is possible to add multiple signatures for one signer. Click Add Signature again and move the field to the preferred location. Note: one signature per signer on the document is sufficient for legal validity. Learn more about the Paraph to place a signature on every page.

Can I combine the Signertags and drag and drop?

You cannot combine the signertags and drag and drop. Choose between the signature tags or the drag and drop fields. Tip! Are you using a standard document template? We advise using the signertags.

Can I combine a fillable document and drag and drop?

You cannot combine a fillable document with drag and drop. The signature fields in the fillable document are overwritten by the drag and drop. As a result, the entered data in the fields will not come along successfully.

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