Tableside Ordering Schedules

Create contactless tableside schedules for your online ordering & store fulfillment.

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Click [Menus] from the left side menu, then hover your mouse over the [Menu] tab, and select [Tableside Schedules].

Step 1 - Give your Tableside Schedule a Name

Click the [Tableside Schedules] tab, then click the [Create a Table Schedule] button. Enter a name for the schedule (eg. Regular, Weekdays, Weekends, etc.).

Step 2 - Select Available Tableside Days

You can use the location's operating hours or you can select specific days and set specific hours.

Step 3 - Create a Code

The code represents the table the customer is in. When people visit the menu on your site, they will be asked to enter their table number.

The table "code" number is a combination of 2 things:

  • Code - eg. PATIO

  • Count - number of available tables for that code, eg. "10" tables

In the example below, the table number to be entered to make a contactless order is "PATIO3."

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your tables are labeled properly with the correct code.

You can create multiple codes within the same schedule:

Step 4 - Select and Activate the Tableside Schedule on the Online Ordering Menu

Make sure that [Online ordering] is switched on and select the Tableside Schedule option on the menu. If you haven't created an Online Ordering Menu yet, click here to learn how to create one.

Note that you cannot combine other schedule types with Tableside ordering. If you have pickup or delivery available, please create a separate menu for that.

Step 5 - Activate the Online Ordering Menu

Switch the visibility ON, this will make the menu available on the website.

Edit the tableside ordering page to match the theme of your website by adding photos and your logo.

Step 6 - Create a QR Code to Link to the Menu.

When customers are seated at the table, provide a QR code that customers can scan on their mobile devices to access the menu.

Go to and select "Website URL." Enter the URL of the online ordering menu that you have activated for tableside ordering, then click [Create QR Code].

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