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Pickup Schedules for Online Ordering Menus
Pickup Schedules for Online Ordering Menus

Create pickup schedules for your online ordering menus

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Step 1 - Give your Pickup Schedule a Name

Go to the Menus Dashboard. Click [Menus] from the left side menu, then hover your mouse over the [Menu] tab, and select [Pickup Schedules]

Click the [Create a Pickup Schedule] button, then enter a name for the schedule (eg. Regular, Christmas, Special)

Step 2 - Select Available Pickup Days

You can use the operating hours you've set from the account settings, click here for the tutorial.

Weekly pickup hours

You can set a weekly recurring pickup schedule. Only days you select will be displayed as options when customers place an order from the website.

Specific calendar dates

You can select multiple specific calendar dates. This is useful for special holidays or events.

Step 3 - Select a Pickup Interval Size

You can select an interval size of every 15, 30, or 60. When customers select a pickup time, options will be displayed according to the interval size you select.

Step 4 - Limit Pickups Per Interval (optional)

You can limit the number of orders allowed per pickup interval, just switch-on to activate it.

In the example below, if 2 customers place an order at the same pickup time, then the 3rd (or so) customer will no longer have the option to select the same pickup time.

Step 5 - Select a Cut-Off Time to Place an Order

You can set the cut-off time to be the same day or up to 3 days lead time:

  • Same day (current day)

  • Day before

  • 2 days before

  • 3 days before

Same-Day Cut-Off Time

To allow placing orders on the same day (current day), you have 2 options:

  • Set a specific cut-off time customers are allowed to place an order (e.g. up to 1 pm)

  • Allow customers to place the order ASAP

When [Cut-off time] is selected, select up to what time customers are allowed to place orders, eg. up to 1 pm.

When [ASAP] is selected, enter the number of minutes the order will be ready. The number of minutes you enter on the [Interval] field will be displayed on the website when customers place an order for pickup.

For 1 Day, 2 Days, or 3 Days Before

If you need a day, 2 days or 3 days lead time to place an order, select a specific time cut-off (eg. before 1 pm).

Let's use this "Day before by 1 pm" example below. If your available pickup schedule is set to let's say, "weekly every Thursdays," then the customer needs to place the order on or before Wednesday 1 pm.

Step 6 - Enter Pickup Note

Step 7 - Setup Curbside Pickup (optional)

Switch-on to activate curbside pickup and enter a phone number to call when the customer arrives to pick up the order.

Step 8 - Enable Pickup on the Online Ordering Menu

Go to the Menu Dashboard, click the 3-dot icon of the menu you want to activate for pickups, and select [edit] from the dropdown options.

Select the Pickup Schedule you want to associate with that menu.

Make sure that [Online ordering] is switched on. If you haven't created an Online Ordering Menu yet, click here to learn how to create one.

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