Setting up a Star MCP30 CloudPRNT printer
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Setting up the physical printer

  1. Connect Ethernet LAN cable
    Make sure you connect this ethernet cable to a network connection that has access to the Internet.

  2. Connect Power Adapter

    At this point let the printer start up. You should see a solid green and solid blue LED lit up on the front panel of of the printer.

  3. Run Self-Printing Test & Get IP Address
    One of the slips the printer prints will have the MAC address (very top) and the IP Address (near the bottom) for the printer. You will need both values to set up the printer.

Open Printer's Setting Screen

1. Open the setting screen (Web Configuration) of the printer via the Web browser.

  • Enter the IP address (example:, which you confirmed in Step 2, in the address entry field of the Web browser such as Safari. This accesses the target printer and opens the Web Configuration screen of the printer.

If the Web Configuration does not display correctly

Entering "https://[Printer IP address]" in a web browser may cause the Web Configuration to display incorrectly.
Use "http://[Printer IP address]" when opening the Web Configuration.

2. Log in to Web Configuration

  • Open [Login] from the menu displayed on the left side of the settings screen or from the menu button displayed on the upper-left side.

  • Login name: root / Password: Log in using [the changed password or default password (public)].


  1. The default login name and password are as follows:
    Login name: root
    Password: public

  2. If you want to change the printer settings, the default password has to be changed.

  • When logging in using the default password, a screen for changing the password opens. After changing the password, proceed to the next step.

Configuring your CloudPRNT printer to Sociavore

This next step is used to tell your printer where to look for printing tasks.

  1. From the menu or the menu button displayed at upper left, select [CloudPRNT]

  2. Set CloudPRNT Service to “ENABLE”.

  3. Enter the CloudPRNT server URL in Server URL:

  4. Enter the polling time in Polling time . (5 sec default is fine)

  5. You can leave User Name and Password blank.

  6. Tap [Submit].

  • From the menu or the menu button in the upper left, open [Save] , select SaveRestart device , and tap [Execute] .
    The settings are saved to the printer.

Adding the Printer to your Sociavore account

These next steps tells Sociavore where your order will get printed.

  1. Log into your Sociavore dashboard at

  2. Select 'Add New CloudPRNT'

  3. Input a name for your printer

  4. Input in the MAC address of the printer (make sure you type in the letters all in lowercase).

  5. Select printing type/s and enter the number of tickets to print

    • Kitchen ticket (you can set this up to print specific sections only)

    • Receipt

  6. Select 'Save CloudPRNT Settings'

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