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Power Links (aka easy, shareable CTA links)
Power Links (aka easy, shareable CTA links)

Quick branded links to key conversion actions for your guests like order, reserve, feedback and newsletter signup.

Updated over a week ago

It can be a struggle to find an easy-to-remember link to share with guests to get them to do something important - place an order, make a reservation, sign up for your newsletter or provide feedback.

All Sociavore websites have Power Links built-in that you can use to quickly drive key actions to your website from marketing material, your Instagram profile, phone calls, Linktree, etc. These work great on desktop and mobile phones.

Order Power Link - /order

Your Sociavore ordering menus and your configured ordering links will appear.

Reserve Power Link - /reserve

Link to your Reservation book directly. Reservation settings are set here and that is where your guests will be directed.

Feedback - /feedback

Every Sociavore website has built in feedback forms. Feedback forms get sent to your team, or you can prescribe specific recipients.

Newsletter - /newsletter

Connect your newsletter service directly to Sociavore and automatically drive signups by sending them to your branded link.

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