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Sociavore supports 3D Secure when using Square Payments.

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Sociavore supports 3D Secure when using Square Payments.

Use 3D Secure (3DS) to verify the buyer and reduce the chance of fraudulent transactions. 3DS is a standard protocol developed by a collaboration of several payment card issuers. Its like an online PIN for card payments. It's a security step by card companies to double-check if the person using the card online really owns it. Think of it like asking for a signature or PIN at your restaurant, but for online purchases.

Why enable 3DS? Shift your chargeback liability to the card issuer.

Before Square implemented 3DS for payments, a seller could be liable for payment card chargebacks for online payments. With 3DS enabled, the liability for fraudulent chargebacks is shifted to the card issuer in the majority of cases. This liability shift to the issuer occurs when the payment is authenticated through 3DS and the card involved is a Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Visa, Diners Club International or UnionPay card. Any of these cards that can be saved on file with Sociavore accounts will also use 3DS.

How do I enable 3DS?

  1. Store > Ecommerce Settings > Checkout

  2. Toggle '3-D Secure' on

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