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What are the differences between the Javelin bipods?
What are the differences between the Javelin bipods?

Which Javelin bipod do I need? This article compares the Javelin Lite and Pro Hunt Tac Bipods

Written by Rob Gipson
Updated over a week ago

There are two versions of the Javelin bipod available that offer slight differences depending on the user's requirements.

  • Javelin Lite

  • Javelin Pro Hunt Tac

Check out the video below or read the full article to find out why bipod best suits your requirements.


  • Both bipods use the MagnaSwitch™ Attachment System which enables the bipod to be attached and detached in seconds to the rifle stock/rail using one of our proprietary Classic range of rifle adapters.

  • Both bipod bodies and cant blocks are CNC machined for 7075 aluminium billet which is hard anodised for corrosion resistance.

  • Both feature a locking cant facility operated by a small lever on the front face of the bipod, which enables the rifle scope to be levelled on uneven ground. The Javelin bipods also provide the ability to traverse the rifle left and right.

  • The Javelin bipods can also be fitted into their rifle adapter in the reverse position so they are fixed (no traverse - ideals for range work or longer shots.)

  • They feature a common threaded leg design that allows complete leg units to be fitted & removed or exchanged for an alternative style of legs. (The original Javelin design had legs that were bonded into the head unit & were not removable)

The image below compares the Javelin bipod legs next to each other (Standard leg options are shown).

Note that the thread size & pitch are the same for all of our both bipods, tripods and leg options across the Spartan product range permitting numerous customer customisation options.

Left - Javelin Lite

Right - Javelin Pro Hunt Tac

  • This also allows users to use any of the long accessory legs options, giving the user the option to upgrade the bipod for seated or kneeling shots.

  • Both bipod legs have removable rubber boots which cover sharp tungsten carbide tips (both boot & tips are serviceable items if required.)

  • The legs on the Javelin bipods do not fold up. When hunting, you will carry it more than use it. It's designed to be removed from the rifle until you need it, and only takes a second to attach. We see that as a benefit for the following reasons;

    • The low profile adapter allows you to carry your slung rifle more comfortably, and there is a chance for fewer snags in grass and brush.

    • Our adapters cover a wide range of rifles, meaning one bipod can be moved between rifles eliminating the need for multiple bipod purchases

    • Keeps the rifle stock clear for use with other support systems like tripods and shooting sticks

  • Each bipod comes with one Classic Rifle Adapter kit designed for traditional hunting rifles with conventional removable sling swivel studs. The bipods are also compatible with the full range of Spartan classic adapters with options for Picatinny, M-Lok and other accessory rail types.


Javelin Lite

The Javelin Lite is the lightest of the Javelin family and features non-adjustable fixed-height legs.

For users that may want to use the bipod whilst seated or kneeling, they have the option to use any of our accessory range of Pro Legs or even the Tac Legs.

The Javelin Lite features a simple & functional magnetic leg hold-open system, that complements its minimalist lightweight hunting bipod ethos.

Javelin Pro Hunt Tac

The Javelin Pro Hunt builds upon the lightweight hunting bipod concept and features our lightweight Tac Legs. These are a two-part incrementally adjustable, spring-assisted mechanical locking design.

They are operated by depressing the small lever on the lower leg. The lower leg is spring-loaded so by slightly unweighting one of the bipod legs the height can be very quickly & incrementally adjusted.

This design has proved very popular with shooters looking for the speed & convenience of this type of leg functionality.

The body of the bipod has a more complex design to incorporate a mechanical leg hold-open system. We incorporated this into the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac's body design based upon feedback from some serious mountain hunters in the United States. They wanted the extra stability & security of this system so that when shooting at acute angles across a mountain gradient, they knew the leg would stay planted.


Choose the Javelin Lite when you want the absolute lightest weight and bombproof simplicity. If price is a limiting factor, this intentionally uncomplicated product is a great place to step into the Spartan world.

Select the Javelin Pro Hunt Tac when you need maximum versatility to take advantage of any shot opportunity you might get. This is especially valuable in steep mountains with extreme shot angles because the legs lock open for extra security. The fast height adjustment lets you quickly create a level shooting base no matter how rugged the terrain. Some hunters who are extremely size-conscious want the Standard version because it’s slightly more compact. We like the Long version for dealing with tall vegetation height and adjusting the legs for different heights on boulder-strewn hillsides.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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