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Javelin or Valhalla Bipod?
Javelin or Valhalla Bipod?
Written by Rob Gipson
Updated over a week ago

A number of customers have asked which of these bipods will better suit their needs.

The Javelin series bipods (Lite, Pro Hunt and Pro Hunt Tac) have all been developed specifically as an ultra-lightweight hunting bipod for users that are either weight-conscious, or perhaps don't use a bipod that often but want to be prepared for when one is required.

The Javelin range offers a full scope of features, but these bipods are ideally suited for hunters who are travelling further or climbing higher.

It is also an excellent choice for users that just don't want a conventional bipod semi-permanently mounted to the end of their rifle stock, due to the issues that this can lead to.

It is also a great tool for hunters that normally expect to shoot off of sticks or tripods, or from tree stands or vehicles, where it can be added in a second if the unexpected prone shoot is suddenly presented.

The heaviest of the Javelin bipods is the Pro Hunt Tac with long legs, which weighs 236 grams / 8.2oz (In addition to the appropriate adapter for the rifle).

The Vahalla weighs 373 grams / 13oz (Plus an appropriate adapter for the rifle)


The Javelin series bipods are all magnetically attached to the rifle (via the appropriate adapter) and only fitted when required to take a prone shot. They are designed to be carried in a pouch, pocket or bag until you decide you need it, so they do not dig into your shoulder or back whilst out on a hunt.

The Valhalla bipod was developed to meet to requests of users that asked us for a more conventional bipod, but with some innovative Spartan touches.

It has been designed by highly experienced ex-military personnel, who are used to meeting the demanding requirements of special forces personnel within the Norwegian military.

The Valhalla bipod is a new product for Spartan and doesn't pretend to hide its tactical credentials, but for some hunters, this is just the type of bipod that they prefer.

Its robust CNC machined body, broad leg stance, and adjustable leg pitch make it capable of supporting larger, bulkier and heavier rifles. The compromise is the increase in weight & bulk over the Javelin design.

The Valhalla is semi-permanently attached to the rifle stock and is only currently available to attach to accessory rails that have Picatinny or M-Lok mounting options.

It can be detached from the rifle adapter (which remains fitted to the stock) for transport or storage, but is clearly bulkier than the Javelin bipods and less easy to carry on the person.

Like the Javelin series of bipods, the Valhalla offers the capability to exchange the legs for different accessory legs and to be mounted directly on the Spartan Sentinel tripods & Davros heads.

Both the Javelin bipods and Valhalla bipods provide a cant facility to allow the rifle to be levelled on uneven ground, but additionally, the Javelin can offer a traverse facility for left & right of arc, as well as being attached in the reversed position for a 'fixed' bipod.

It's as much a matter of personal choice and requirement, which is decided by what, when, where, why and how you shoot.

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