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When does my 30 day free trial start?
When does my 30 day free trial start?

Everything you need to know about Spriggy free trials.

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When you sign up with Spriggy, the first 30 days of your membership fees are on us. We want you to be able to experience all that Spriggy has to offer, to see if it’s right for your family before you pay anything.

Your free trial will start when you’ve added a Connected Account and activated your child’s Spriggy card (if you’re on a family based pricing plan, the trial will start as soon as your first child’s card is activated).

See more details about the free trial in our T&Cs at

Please note:

  • The free trial only applies to the Annual Spriggy Membership Fee charged by Spriggy.

  • The free trial doesn’t apply to any other fees and charges applied by the product issuer, see PDS for details.

If you need help getting set up, check out these guides:

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