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How to make payments on your traveler account
How to make payments on your traveler account

Whether you're making an additional payment or catching up on a past due balance, learn how payments are applied to your account.

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Intended Audience: For Travelers who want clarification on how payments are applied to their account balance or Trip Organizers who want to help their Travelers.

Article Summary: Payments can be made two ways. Either paying a specific installment amount or making an additional payment. Paying a specific installment amount with mark the installment as paid. Making an additional payment using the "Make New Payment" button will reduce the account balance and installment future amounts.

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How do I make payments to my account?

For the most flexibility, Travelers have two methods to make payments on their account.

"Pay Now" Button

Next to each installment, there's a "Pay Now" button. Travelers should click "Pay Now" if they want to:

  • Pay a specific installment early

  • Pay a balance due on a paused payment

  • Make a payment on an overdue payment

When they make the payment for a specific installment, the installment is marked as "Paid" and the total due is updated to $0.

Example Explained: Paying a specific installment

When the Traveler clicks "Pay Now" on Installment #2:

  • The payment status will update to "Paid"

  • Due on Nov 11, 2023 will update to "Paid on Nov 7, 2023"

  • A receipt will be available to download

  • No further actions will be available for the traveler to take

Example Explained: Paying an overdue payment

In the example below, the traveler has an overdue payment. If they click "Pay Now" on the row, then the payment will be processed for that installment.

"Make a Payment" Button

If a traveler wants to make an extra or additional payment to their account to reduce their remaining balance, they can do so by clicking "Make New Payment".

๐Ÿ’ก This is a great option if you want to reduce your monthly installments amount or pay the remaining balance of your account.

A pop up will appear where the traveler can enter any customer amount they want to pay as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • Payment amount must be at least $35

  • If the remaining installment balances are each $35, then they must pay their remaining balance in full or click "Pay Now" next to each installment they wish to pay off.

When a payment is submitted through this method, the traveler's total balance is reduced and the monthly installment amount is also reduced. Installment counts and due dates do not change.

Example Explained: Reducing monthly installment amounts

The traveler has an extra $200 they want to apply toward their trip. When they click "Make New Payment" they paid $200.

The payment is recorded as "Paid" and a receipt is issued. The $200 was applied toward the total balance which reduced the remaining installment amounts.

The remaining installment amounts went from $323.84 per payment to $283.84 per payment.

How do I pay a failed payment?

Failed payments can happen for several reasons such as expired card information or insufficient funds at the time of the charge.

Overdue payments happen when a traveler pauses payment but doesn't resume the payment or make a payment by the installment due date.

"Retry payment" Button

Next to the failed payment, there will be an option to "Retry payment". This will give the traveler the option to update their card or re-charge the card on file.

If the traveler uses this method, then the payment will be processed for that specific installment and the Payment Status will be marked as "Paid".

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