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Booking an Indirect Event
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Indirect Events are used for booking non-client events into your schedule. Indirect Events are typically administrative in nature (e.g. staff meetings, vacation time, conferences etc.) and do not appear in a client’s Service File. Workers can schedule an Indirect Event for themselves, other workers and can also include any resources required for the event.


If an Individual with a ClientConnect account is added to an Indirect Event, the Indirect Event will be visible in the Individual’s ClientConnect account.


The Book Event tool will display your schedule for a set number of days (the default number of days shown is configured by your system administrator). The vertical black bars on the schedule represent your agency’s open and close times for each day. If you attempt to book an event outside of agency hours you will be asked to confirm that this is the correct appointment time.

Blocks of time during which you are already booked are darkened to indicate you are unavailable. If you try to book an event during an unavailable time a scheduling warning will appear.

Event Details

Here you can add/modify the details for your event including a description, type, duration, repetition and security options.

Security options include:

  • No restrictions: Any workers who can search for Indirect Events can access and / or edit the event (even if they are not an attendee).

  • Only members can modify: Any workers who can search for Indirect Events will be able to access the event, but only those listed as attendees can edit the event.

  • Restrict access to members only: Only workers listed as attendees will be able to access or edit the event.

View By

Here you can choose how to view the scheduling portion of the booking screen. This can be done by modifying the options in the View By section.

Options include:

  • Viewing your schedule from a specific start date

  • Dates following a specified starting date range

  • Site

  • Display only a specific day of week

  • Number of days to display

  • Hours to include


You can modify the list of attendees on the Attendees tab. You can also include other Workers, Resources, Individuals, Collateral Contacts and Blue Book entities.

How to Book an Indirect Event

The option to book an indirect event is available under the Links sidebar on the homepage. Once on the Book Event page follow Steps 1-9 (where applicable – not all steps may be required) below to book a single or repeating Indirect Event.

Step 1: View Availability

Complete any (or all) of these steps in the View By section to modify which days and/or times are included in the schedule.

  1. To choose a starting date for the schedule, enter a date in the Start Date field. You can type a date or click select date to choose from a calendar. The schedule will start from the selected date.

  2. To change the default Event Site select the new Event Site from the drop-down menu. The schedule will only show availability for this site.

  3. To choose a specific day of the week to display in the schedule select the day of the week from the Specific Day of Week drop-down. The schedule will only show the chosen day of the week.

  4. To modify the number of Days to View shown in the schedule edit the Days to View field either by typing a number or using the arrows. The default is set by your System Administrator.

  5. To modify the number of Hours shown in the schedule edit the Hours field either by typing a number or using the arrows. The default is set by your System Administrator.

  6. Click View. The schedule will update accordingly.

  7. Repeat Steps 1-5 if required.

Step 2: Add Attendees

Complete some or all of these steps to add additional Attendees to your event.

  1. On the Attendees tab type a name into the desired field.

    • To add a staff member use the Worker field.

    • To add a client use the Individual field.

    • To add a Collateral Contact use the Collateral field.

    • To add a Blue Book contact use the Blue Book field.

    • To add a group of Workers use the Categories field.

  2. Click the plus (+) icon to save.

  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 as required.

The Worker, Individual and Blue Book options are lookup fields. Type two or more characters to bring up matching records from the database.

Step 3: Select the Start Time

  1. Select the Event Details tab.

  2. Complete one of the following:

    • Type a Start Time in the Start Time field

    • Click the desired time on the schedule

Step 4: Set the Duration

  1. Select the Event Details tab.

  2. Complete one of the following:

    • In the Duration field type a duration (this can be in minutes, hours or a combination of both e.g. 30m or 2h or 2h30m).

    • Adjust the Duration slider.

Step 5: Description, Event Type, Location etc

Penelope and above – It is now possible to add a video link to an event (e.g. Service Event, Group Event, Indirect Event or Informal Event) in Penelope. This option is only available if the Worker is Accepting Video Session In ClientConnect (Worker Profile > Clinical tab). This new functionality will allow your agency to easily add a video link instead of a location (helping to avoid confusion) for sessions taking place using a video conferencing tool.

  1. Enter a Description.

  2. Select an Event Type.

  3. Choose/Enter a Location. If the event will be conducted via video call, the Video Session Link should be copied and pasted into the Video Session Link field.

  4. Enter a Service Unit as required (maximum 2).

Step 6: Add Resources

  1. Click View Resources.

  2. Select the desired Resource by selecting the corresponding Indirect Event time in the schedule.

Step 7: Add Repeating Events

Complete this step only if you want to book multiple events at one time (e.g. the Indirect Events will have the start time, duration, Service Units etc.

  1. Click Repeat.

  2. Select how often the event repeats (daily, weekly, weekdays etc) and the number of events or the end date.

Step 8: Booking

Once steps 1-7 (where applicable) have been completed simply click the Book button to finalize the booking of the Indirect Event/s.

If any conflicts occur a warning message will appear before completing the booking/s.

How to Cancel an Indirect Event

For information on how to cancel an Indirect Event click here.

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