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Assign/Deactivate a Worker from a Case Service
Assign/Deactivate a Worker from a Case Service
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Attention: Athena is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name

By assigning a Worker to a Case Service you are allowing the Worker to be assigned any Service Files which fall under the Case Service including any Groups. This allows the Worker to view Service Files, edit Service Files, add Service Files, book events, write case notes etc (subject to any overriding Security Class permissions).

You will need to be signed in to Penelope with a user account that can access the Setup sidebar (e.g. usually a Super User account) to access these functions.

Follow the steps below to assign a Worker to a Case Service (or deactivate) from the Worker Profile:

1. Navigate to the Worker Profile.

2. Click the Clinical tab.

3. In the Assigned Services section click Edit.

4. Check/Uncheck the Service/s you would like to assign or deactivate.

5. Click Save.

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