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If your agency participates in the DSS Partnership Approach you can complete a SCORE assessment for Service and Group Events in Penelope. Both Client SCORE and Community SCORE assessments are available at the event level and can be completed Pre-service and/or Post-service.

  • You can complete one Pre-service and one Post-service Community assessment per Event

  • You can complete one Pre-service and one Post-service Client assessment per attending DSS Case Member

Complete an Assessment

Follow the steps below to complete a DSS SCORE assessment:

  1. Navigate to the Service/Group Event (DSS tab) where you would like to complete the assessment. Depending on your agency’s DSS configuration you may be required to record event attendance before the DSS tab and SCORE assessments are available to be completed.

  2. In the Assessments section click Add next to the assessment type you would like to complete.

  3. Select the Assessed By.

  4. Answer all applicable questions.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 for each Client and/or Community SCORE assessment as required.

View a Completed Assessment

You can view a completed assessment and DSS submission information by clicking the applicable View link in the Assessments section (Service Event > DSS tab).

Editing a Completed Assessment

Follow the steps below to edit a completed assessment:

  1. Click the applicable View link in the Assessments section (Service Event > DSS tab)

  2. Click Edit (top right-hand corner of the page).

The edited assessment will be re-submitted to DEX unless Mark Not For Submission has been clicked prior to clicking Save.

Mark Not For Submission

If an assessment has been marked ‘not for submission’ on the DSS Assessment Form page (accessed via the View link) it will not be submitted to DEX. It should be noted that this does not revert any previous submissions for the specific assessment (e.g. assessments that have already been submitted to DEX will not be removed, however, the edited assessments will not be re-submitted).

If at a later date you need to submit the assessment to DEX click Mark For Submission.

This feature is only available if enabled by your System Administrator.

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